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Gas Drilling in Dimock, Pa.

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Compressor stations coming to Carter Rd.

Just found out that there will be a compressor station going in across
from our new home. There will be more on Carter Road. It just keeps
getting better. I do not know what else I can do to save this little
valley. I promised my husband I would stop when I knew I could do
nothing more…I have seen the google map of the wells. I know what is
coming and I have to find a way to live with this or leave my first
home-a home my husband has been building for me these past few years.

yoko Jan 15 04:18PM -0800 ^

update these compressor stations are being erected to take all the gas
out of those well sites and then they will plug them-part of the
“corrective” action-that’s what I heard today


“This wasn’t just plain terrible, this was fancy terrible. This was terrible with raisins in it.” ~Dorothy Parker

Sometimes, the situation here in Dimock is beyond description. There are layers of deception and corruption and contamination and disillusionment here that I cannot personally fathom.

Another from Yoko on Susquehanna County Gas Forum

yoko Jan 05 02:24PM -0800 ^

Did a drive this afternoon-had to dodge large flatbeds parked, waiting
access to well sites- you had to drive around them on a hill-no
flagman- I spoke to the driver and he was upset there was not a
flagman there-he said tell the gas company-soooo At the Cabot office-
after they unlock the door to allow all their happy supporters in or
keep us out- I let spew about the traffic”you may own our land now but
the road is still ours!” and of course I threw in the latest orange,
black water crap on sr. 3023 or lower Carter Road as we’ve become
known-they sent a few white trucks off to investigate. THEN I took a
drive with my camera and pumped up blood pressure to discover
UNBREATHABLE air out on Phillips road-there are tank farms and lots
going on at these sites. The storage farm on 29 has already had some
nasty stuff spilled and cleaned up without DEP ever knowing. I ended
my joy ride on Teel Road where Chief is tearing things up at a rapidly
destructive pace- God Save Dimock-because no one else will…..

Yoko tells of new neighbor with orange water

Post by Yoko on Susquehanna County Gas Forum: “…Have you wondered how many of our “elected” officials or their friends
and affiliates have leased with the gas company? Just a thought. I
spoke at length to Senator Baker’s office-Tom Uneski. He told me they
do represent the constituents and the constituents want the leases and
they want them now-not later-not after the studies are done or safety
regulations-now. When I told him another neighbor reported orange and
filthy household water this weekend(great New Year’s start!) he said
well DID they sign a lease? …”

Sept. 20, 2009

DIMOCK TWP: An environmental group is calling for fines against Cabot Oil and Gas after a chemical spill at a natural gas well in Susquehanna County on Wednesday. More than 8,000 gallons of hydrofracturing lubricant spilled when a pipe between a tanker and the Heitsman well failed, according to the state Dept. of Environmental Protection. Clean Water Action has also asked DEP to test wells in the area that may have been contaminated by the chemicals.
–Cecilia Baress, Scranton Times Tribune.

Dimock Twp.

Went to the Dimock Twp. Supervisors meeting last night, and saw a DEP letter to Phil Stalnaker on Cabot’s Air Quality General Plan Approval for natural gas production. Would like to see that plan.