Assault to the Senses

Gas Drilling in Dimock, Pa.

Questions about the uplift/explosion incident

Pat Farnelli wrote:

Hey, TRex, I have a few comments: Are you sure the Clapper well you listed is the Clapper Hill Well? I heard there was a Clapper Well in Elk Lake. This was just hearsay from an Elk Lake bus driver. I heard the one that exploded was in Bradford County. That Clapper 2H well you cited seems to be in Susquehanna. Also, most of the reporters with the gas well beat aren’t exactly trained in the industry or chemistry or geology, and have to get the facts and turn them over quickly. I think they did that as well as can be expected. There is such a thing as a follow-up. No one was there to comment from the DEP? Remember, they said there was no explosion at Norma’s, either.

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