Assault to the Senses

Gas Drilling in Dimock, Pa.

Dimock drilling woes, bad roads, and waste water

Pat Farnelli Mar 12 08:57AM -0500 ^

Drove my kids to school today. Relentless large truck traffic, all gas
industry vehicles, on both sides of the road the whole way. Carter Road:
Gesford 7 is bringing in water tank trucks, Baker tanks, white Cabot
pickups, Residual waste brown tankers, etc. It is filling up as when
preparing to do major fracking. Why? This horizontal was supposedly finished
and producing. Is there another horizontal? The big lights are being set up
again. This has been almost constantly in full gear for two years straight.
Dimock to Elk Lake Road: Still terribly torn up, one catastrophic sinkhole
has been temporarily filled by PennDOT, others, the patching material has
already been dragged up the road. NUMEROUS Residual waste trucks heading
down 29 and turning onto Dimock Road. Coming from Springville. Was behind a
frackwater tank truck from Utah the whole way to Elk Lake, buses being held
up. Many suspiciously heavy trucks, some covered dump trucks coming from Elk
Lake Pad on right before bend toward Elk Lake church and filling station,
some coming from fork to left in Elk Lake. Also, numerous brown residual
waste and some covered Diaz Disposal municipal waste trucks constantly
coming from the gas well on the right side of Hunter Road in Springville
where it intersects with 29. On two other occasions, I have seen numerous
residual waste trucks coming in and going out of that well site, at odd
times like 5:40 p.m. Monday evening, or a week from Saturday at about that
time. Why is this well producing so much residual waste, and where are the
trucks going?
About the bridge on Elk Lake Road: I remember it totally collapsing and
washing away to a gorge during the flood a few years ago. It was not
constructed, or reconstructed, with heavy gas truck traffic in mind. I
predict it will collapse if there is spring flooding. Hopefully, not with a
flammable gas tanker on it at the time

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  Garrett Schneider wrote @

What is your problem? If you cant deal with the problem caused by the gas industry here in pa, MOVE!. i bet 20 to 1 you signed a gas lease with cabot. yes the roads are crap around here, its NEPA, the roads are built to withstand the truck traffic, but as you can probably tell, the STATE POLICE HERE IN PA have been taking care of the issues of overloaded trucks. Also by PA law, any commercial vehicle hauling cargo (including stone and gravel) has to have their cargo TARPED aka “covered dump trucks” “covered DIAZ trucks” yea….its to PROTECT PEOPLE AND THE OTHER VEHICLES ON THE ROAD. If those tarps werent there, thered be more debris and more damage done to vehicles. Go ahead…take off a tarp and drive by or near one of them. see how much of their load ends up on your car. and the Residual Waste aspect of your Rant…..the time of day when those trucks are out and about….EARLY morning all through the day into the early night. theres nothing special about 540 pm, or saturdays….12 hr days, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off…no weekends no nothing. and alot of the water if u could care to actually LOOK, is shipped to MASTERS CEMENT IN TUNKHANNOCK to be used for the concrete….thats safe, environmentally friendly, and RECYLING. Cabot may have ruined your water up there on carter road….i live in dimock too…same area as you in fact. only difference between us is this : instead of leading a factless rant on a blog i try to deal with it, and when road conditions become i problem I SENT A LETTER TO PENNDOT. thats all you can do.

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