Assault to the Senses

Gas Drilling in Dimock, Pa.

Elk Lake School Bd. Meeting

I just went to the Elk Lake School Board meeting and requested making water test results from the school available for public view. They did have an item in their expense sheet this month for Benchmark Analytics Inc for post drilling water tests, costing $1186. They are sure the water is okay to drink. I encouraged them to monitor the water situation with vigilance, and told them what has been showing up in Carter Road water wells. Anne Teel, Dimock board member, is on provided water (water buffalo) due to drilling. Another member told me about his own concerns with drilling in Auburn Township. They said someone is calling in false reports to newspapers, and that they have had to repeatedly test the water. I know DEP and EPA have responded several times. It is too bad that the residents have to fund independent water testing, but it should be done, under the circumstances, considering the school’s two producing gas wells on the property and its proximity to Carter Road in Dimock. They made a point of each having water pitchers and glasses to drink from.

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  Patricia Johnston wrote @

It is a known fact that Carter Road residents have been able to set their water on fire for decades!!! Long before any natural gas drilling around Dimock was started, people have talked and joked about their relatives from decades before telling stories about lighting their water on fire. Carter Road people at the closest end to Dimock have had methane in their water long before any drilling was started. They’ve decided to blame Cabot Gas and Oil for this problem in hopes to get money out of Cabot. I get so tired of hearing, reading or seeing people blame Cabot for something they didn’t cause. And some of these same people won’t accept the help (new water well drilled, treatment system, etc.) that Cabot has offered to provide them. So stop complaining and accept any help or services offered to you or are you just waiting for the money? Or would you rather have a nuclear power plant or coal mine around here to help with the energy crisis?

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