Assault to the Senses

Gas Drilling in Dimock, Pa.


My name is Pat Farnelli and I live in the center of the gas drilling fiasco currently going on in Dimock, Pa. This is my story, from the beginning.


  carolyn wrote @

HI Pat: I will keep reading your blog and helping you in any way I can. I have had my eyes opened as to how corrupt corporations in this country are and how they ruin people;’s lives for profit.

  Mikethemikeman wrote @

Dear friends,

Please check out the referenced article called FRACKING INSANE at Non-commercial website. 

I’m the writer, but it’s not about me. Please take the time to read it through, as it’s got a lot of info all the way till the end, that maybe even you, who know a lot more than me, might not know yet. Also, I tried to make it understandable for the common person. Two good videos included. It’s not short, but only 6 pages long, as short as I could make it and tell the whole story. 

Please feel free to use it any way you like, but if you could reference or link to our site, that’s all we ask. 

Thanks for your time, if you really do read it through. 



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